The AIVP hosts every two years the Word Conference Cities and Ports (WCCP). This is the biggest event in the world about port cities, bringing together politicians, managers, academics, professionals and even students to discuss this issue. This year’s edition is titled “Next Generation”, and it will focus on the port-city of the future and we want to craft the relation between port and city.

Quebec is the port city that will host the 16th edition of the WCCP, between the 11th and 14th of June 2018. This event is being prepared in collaboration with the Port Authority of Quebec. During the conference we will have the opportunity to discuss the different issues affecting the port-city relationship, building on the work developed in Rotterdam in 2016 and following a similar structure.

The conference gives the opportunity to send contributions that later can be included in the program either as poster or presentations. It is an excellent opportunity to give disclosure to any kind of project that contributes to a new kind of port-city interaction, heading towards sustainable development. In the WCCP website is a list of key topics that will be discussed, that can also work as an inspiration to write the contribution. The deadline is, for the moment, December 11th.


In 2018 the AIVP will also celebrate their 30th anniversary. The organization was created in 1988 in Le Havre, were is still based, led by the former mayor of this french city Mr. Antoine Rufenacht. During these 30 years the AIVP has continuously worked as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between the different actors that craft the port-city relationship. Before next year’s edition of the WCCP, this event has been hosted in some of the greatest port cities around the world such as Rotterdam, Durban, Buenos Aires, Lisbon or Sydney to name a few. Besides these major conferences, the AIVP also has also developed a broader program, with different actions, from annual meetings, to study trips or policy and planning recommendations. However, in the mean time, the relationship between port and city has evolved. New technologies and governance models have reignited the debate.

The Quebec conference is also a great opportunity to discuss the future of the AIVP and what are the topics to be considered for the next 30 years. The quest for a sustainable port-city relationship is not closed project, but an open process, subject to continued changes and innovations. The Sustainable Development Goals, set by the UN, are a good reference of the kind of society we want. The 16th WCCP gives an opportunity to discuss the next generation of the port cities and the what this new generation will demand from the AIVP.


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