The Port and the City – On board diary

The Port and the City – On board diary

The port-city tour finished after Christmas with the final stop in Lisbon. Since September until December we traveled over 14 500 km visiting the study cases. The photography survey implied taking more than 15 000 photos to be able to get the essence of the difference cases and recognize their identity as port-cities. All the effort as been here narrated and will remain as a research database for the next stages in the investigation as well for other persons that might be interested in the topic.

During this time we have been able to identify what are the main problems affecting the port-city relationship, what are the main solutions been carried out and the important role the context still plays in a globalized world that tends to underestimate it. The inputs provided by the interviewees was precious and we will always be thankful for their time and patience.

The work developed has been summarized and edited into a book with all the posts, the photo essay of each city and the final article to be presented in the AESOP YA congress. This last element will also be published in the blog in the next days. The book is available in the issuu platform and it can also be downloaded in the link indicated at the end of this post.

One of the themes that stood out the most was the issue of social integration of ports. For this reason in the next step of the investigation we will focus on the initiatives that can be done to improve this integration. Fortunately we have the opportunity of collaborating with the AIVP in a current investigation related with this issue. We will be able to know more about the subject, meet with experts and increase the study sample to a worldwide research. In this area one of the most interesting initiatives are the port centers, as we have seen in some cases like Rotterdam. During the work with the AIVP we shall analyze this sort of “tool” and see how it has evolved, from the pioneers in Antwerp and Rotterdam to the most recent one in Livorno.

During the next research stages the focus will turn towards Lisbon, the main study case. Parallel to the collaboration with the AIVP we analyze the Portuguese capital into greater detail in order to identify the specific problems that hinder its relation with the port and the river. At the same time we will keep track of any news related with the research topic. According to the calendar we are currently in the midpoint of the PhD investigation. So far the experience has been rewarding and we will try to keep the work pace to be able to finish the project and deliver an interesting final thesis that could bring new knowledge to the field



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